November 23, 2010

Creative Outlet

I follow many craft and design blogs and have been creating more and more lately.  I love to create things.  I love the high I get when I accomplish something with my hands.  When I draw, paint, sew, craft, scrapbook, puts my mind into a calm.  My mind if very frantic most of the time.  That makes it hard for me to function on a daily basis like that without a break.

I decided it was time that I step up to the plate and show off what I can do.  I don't follow directions well, I take an idea and tweak it to the way I want it.  I will however try to explain what I did, why I did it and the changes I have made from an original design.

Now, a little background on me.  I am the wife to a wonderful man, the mother to two very rambunctious boys and two lovable dogs.  I attended art school at Syracuse University, where I had to unfortunately drop out.  I was going for my BFA with a concentration in illustration.  I ended up finishing up my BFA at the Univ of Mary Hardin Baylor with a concentration in studio arts.  As a small child, I was always creating something.  My elementary school art teacher told me while I was in the first grade that I would become an artist.  He was right.  Creating is a large piece of who I am and what makes me, ME!  So, please enjoy my creative outlet.  Please feel free to comment.  Please remember that all images I post are copyrighted and do not re-post them without my permission.  If you use any of my ideas, please link back to my original post.

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