January 24, 2012

Photo 366 #4

Sorry to be a little MIA lately.  I was heading up a Preschool fair for the city I live in and it was rather time consuming.  I am happy to report that it is over and done with!  YAY!  I will be back much more frequently to share with you what I have been up to.  In the midst of all the chaos, I have kept up with taking photos.

January 17 - Maben insisted on using the umbrella on our walk home from school, because there were about 10 raindrops that fell.

January 18 - Driving down a local highway I spotted a huge herd of deer.  Obviously I had to pull over to take some photos and show them to the kids.  One even ran right in front of my stopped car!

January 19 - A bird in a tree.  Not sure what kind of bird, but will update if anyone wants to let me know. (My FIL informed me it's a Northern Mockingbird)

January 20 - My feet, in my favorite shoes, standing on a rock in my backyard.  Vibram's Five Fingers.  COMFY!

January 21 - I almost forgot to take a photo, so I took a picture of fruit on my counter.

January 22 - Meet Doozer!  This is my first fur baby.  He is part sheltie, part border collie and becoming very stubborn in his old age, but boy, he has a lot of energy if he sees a ball.

January 23 - A rare smile out of my sick little guy.  Who knew ear infections could be so horrible?

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