December 18, 2012

Photo 366 #50 & 51

We are in the home stretch!  I apologize for not getting last week's up sooner, but I took off for Nebraska with my husband and father-in-law for some hunting.  Now, I feel like I am barely treading water while trying to get everything done in time for Christmas.

December 4 - This is a paperweight that I made out of stained glass and put inside of it, sand and seashells from Ridgevale Beach, Chatham, MA.  It's the beach where my mother-in-law spent a significant amount of time at while growing up and where our family has spent some amazing vacations at.  This is a gift that I already gave my MIL. 

December 5 - Another fun day with the boys at the playground.

December 6 - While getting preparations for our hunting trip at Bass Pro Shop, my husband pointed out to me a fishing pole called the, "Lady Ugly Stick."  I would have to agree that a pepto bismol pink fishing pole should be called an ugly stick.  Don't take offense ladies, there is one geared towards guys.

December 7 - View from the cheap seats.  My view of the road from the back seat.  Off to Nebraska we go.

December 8 - We made it to Nebraska just fine and were greeted with some spectacular wildlife.  One of my favorites was seeing so many bald eagles around.  This is my first time photographing one.  This one is a juvenile and will get it's signature white head later on. 

December 9 - This is me, in our hotel room getting ready to go hunting.  Sporting my blaze orange hat.

December 10 - A gorgeous Nebraska sunrise.

December 11 - My sexy husband getting ready for hunting.

December 12 - Loved the way these cattails looked with the sun setting behind them.

December 13 - On our way home from Nebraska, I stopped at the World's Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, KS.  Here is my FIL appeasing me by getting his photo taken with it.  His wife insisted I do this.  :) 

December 14 - The glitter from inside a snow globe that has a color changing LED.

December 15 - A musical Santa that I got after my mom passed away.  I loved playing these as kids and love that my children enjoy them too.

December 16 - YAY!  We finally decorated our Christmas tree!  Now, I have a whole lot of presents to wrap.

December 17 - Look!  I have cauliflower growing!  This is a cheddar cauliflower.  And yes, it's still warm enough in southeast Texas to be gardening.  I have three tomato plants still producing tomatoes.

I will be posting my last series of photos on January 1st to wrap up the Photo 366. 

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