February 19, 2013

Pixel Party: Faberge

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is amazing!  Not only does it have the best Paleontology Hall and the stunning Cockrell Butterfly Center, but it hosts Pixel Parties.  I'm sure you don't know what that is, but on occasion, they put word out and invite photographers to show up and check out an exhibit after hours. 

I got in on this last one, the temporary Faberge exhibit.  One word.  STUNNING!  All us photographers were given 2 hours to photograph as much as we wanted.  I could have spent another 2.  There were so many tiny, beautiful trinkets, all with such intricate details that you had to stare.  I plan on giving you a brief glimpse of my walk through.  If you are in the Houston area while this is here, it's well worth the visit.

Tiara: By Faberge Workmaster August Holmstrom

Statuette: By Faberge Workmaster Mikhail Perkhin

Opera Glasses: By Faberge

Bonbonniere Eggs: By Faberge workmaster Mikhail Perkhin

Kelch Rocaille Egg: By Faberge workmaster Mikhail Perkhin

Parrot: By Faberge workmaster Mikhail Perkhin
Brooch: By Faberge workmaster Oscar Pihl

Scent Bottle: By Faberge
Pendant: By Faberge

Cloisonne Egg: By  workmaster Ivan Khlebnikov
Cloisonne Egg: By Faberge workmaster Feodor Ruckert
Bell Push: By Faberge workmaster Viktor Aarne

I had to show off the tiara again.  So pretty and sparkly.  I'm not a girly girl, but wouldn't mind sporting this for a night. 

I'm sure the thing that surprises you about my post (and surprised me at the exhibit) is that there weren't more eggs.  There were quite a few, but I had no idea the amount of jewelry, cigarette cases, cufflinks, pins, picture frames, statuettes, etc there was.  Seriously amazing exhibit and hope that at least a few of my readers will get the chance to see it.  Please let me know if you get to go.

I also cannot wait to go to another Pixel Party.  Thank you Houston Museum of Natural Science for an amazing night.

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