May 7, 2013

I Went Off The Grid

This past weekend my husband, father-in-law, myself and a few other guys all headed out of Houston and ended up at a ranch outside of Kerrville, TX.  No cell phone service, in the middle of a dry, rocky landscape littered with cactus and cedar. 

I enjoyed every moment being out in the middle of pretty much nowhere.  I saw many birds that I have never seen before and encountered many animals I had never seen before either.

Immature Summer Tanager

I did some hunting (don't worry, I am feeding my family with what I kill).  I spent a lot of quality time with my husband sitting in a blind while watching turkeys go by.  There were a lot of turkeys.  There were also a few surprises in this landscape too, like this beautiful spring fed pond that they call blue hole.

I wish I could have jumped in.  It was so crystal clear, none of my photos can do an oasis so beautiful any justice.  Upon a glance, it looked to be only about 5 feet deep, but when you dropped a rock in, it sank, and sank, and sank...over 20 feet, I'm sure in a few spots even deeper. 

It felt great to relax, swap stories, reconnect with nature and just enjoy a great "guys" weekend.  I take pride that I get to go along on guy weekends occasionally. A big thanks to my mother-in-law for watching the kids so we could all enjoy our trip.

Gulf Fritillary

Do you ever feel the need to get away and reconnect with nature?  Or do you prefer the spa?  I would probably kill for a massage right now, but wouldn't trade me weekend away in nature for a spa trip.  Am I crazy?

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