February 3, 2014

Winner Winner

I am so proud of my munchkin.  Maben won the Pinewood Derby and was awarded the 1st place trophy for the Tiger Den. 

I am proud, not because he won first place, but because of how he treated his fellow scouts and the amount of work he put into his car. 

Maben told everyone, "Great job," after each race.  He complemented a few of his fellow scouts on how cool their car was.  I am proud of all the scouts in our den on how well they handled the entire experience.  They all had a great time and kept amazing positive attitudes.

Some of the races were closer than others and at the end of the day, Maben held the top time for the entire pack.  Looks like garage day next year might be at our house so we can help out other kids.  Actually the night of check-in (the day before the race) I spent over an hour grinding weight out of a kid's car who was overweight.  The weights were glued inside the car and thankfully I brought my Dremel kit (affiliate link) with grinding tips to help out.  I am so grateful that I could help ensure that all the kids that showed up could race.  I got lots of hugs and high fives in return for helping the kids out. 

If you are looking into making a fast car, we had bought this book (affiliate link) with some tips and tricks.  Keep in mind that there are rules and regulations in place, so please get the list of rules from your pack before implementing any of the secrets listed in the book.  There were a few that were against the rules. 

The one thing that I learned, the gym in which he hold our pack meetings is not good for lighting.  Next year for better photos I am going to be bringing a few spot lights and my better flash.  The first photo was taken outside my house, but all the others were in the gym. 

I can't wait for next year.  It's such a fun event and I had a blast building my car.  I need to think of something fun and creative that I can make.  Good thing I have lots of time to think about it.

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