April 3, 2012

Photo 366 #14

I have come to learn that nature inspires me a lot.  So many colors, unusual shapes, movement.  I feel disconnected and at peace.  I have found that I am taking notice of the natural world around me much more.  I live in the suburbs of Houston, but have been finding the little gems that make me feel like I have escaped the city.  I love the convenience of living in a city, but love to get away too.

March 27 - I went back to the same spot that I did the day before and found this gorgeous scissor-tail flycatcher again.  This time, I was able to catch an in flight shot.  How beautiful are the little pops of color that were otherwise hidden when perched?

March 28 - I have found what I would like to call the urban mecca of red-tailed hawks.  I drive out there often and always find at least one, on some days I will see 6 or 7 different ones in a short drive. 

March 29 - At Maben's school they have planted a monarch garden.  Every day we are finding beautiful monarch butterflies and caterpillars, hatching, eating and making cocoons.  It's very fascinating and we stop everyday after school to talk about all that we see.

March 30 - Another look at the monarch garden.

Mach 31 - In the area that I find all my red-tailed hawks, I have also discovered a pair of northern harriers.  A magnificent looking raptor, but very hard to capture.  They seem to be a little more weary of me and often are flying so close to the ground and so fast that they are hard to capture.  This is the best shot I have gotten so far.

April 1 - An updated look at my project for Maben's preschool.  Stay tuned this week for the full reveal!

April 2 - A look at a beautiful black pincushion flower that is currently blooming in my garden.

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  1. This are all so amazing as usual! That's awesome that you guys have a butterfly garden to observe!


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