April 10, 2012

Photo 366 #15

It's been a busy and exhausting week for me.  I have so many projects in the works with deadlines.  I need a nap.  Good thing I find some calm when out exploring nature, which I did in my free time this week.

April 3 - I took some friends of mine on a bluebonnet walk.  I showed off how exactly to get to my local spot for the bluebonnets.  They are on their decline which makes me sad.  I love all the wildflowers and will miss them.  Colton was not cooperative for a photo, so the best I got was him walking away.

April 4 - This is Cowgirl.  She belongs to my next door neighbor.  She is a fairly laid back cat, but if looks could kill...  Cowgirl is not amused that everyday after school, Maben tries to pet her.  Today, she actually gave in and let Maben show her some love.

April 5 - I found a beautiful red-tailed hawk in my local hawk spot.  He was grooming himself and I thought it interesting to see him all ruffled up.

April 6 - I found two beautiful gulf fritillaries mating.  Maben asked what they were doing, "They are making more butterflies."  Thankfully, that answer was sufficient.

April 7 -  I get asked all the time if my boys are twins.  Actually, they are 26 months apart, but when they pull the exact same face at the same time, it's hard to believe that they twins.

April 8 - Happy Easter!  After a great egg hunt, the family went out on a nature walk.  We saw birds, an alligator, lots of turtles and some beautiful flowers.  These were my favorite flowers to see, prairie nymph, a member of the iris family. 

April 9 - Today I heard a ruckus outside in the backyard.  I saw birds flapping their wings and one emerge victorious from the spat.  House sparrow-1, Blue Jay-0  That is just so weird, if I didn't see it, I would have thought it would go the other way around.  Here is the house sparrow holding onto his trophy.


  1. I thought about how you said you don't see details first, so I took my glasses off when shooting this week. It has brought I whole new level to my photography!

  2. OOH love these pictures! Those butterflies are beautiful! I've been totally obsessed with butterflies lately. I also caught a Prairie Nymph at the park nearby a couple weeks back but I love that you have several together!

    Thanks sooo much with the help identifying that plant! I actually came across another one the very next day...funny I never noticed them before this year!


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