July 17, 2012

Photo 366 #29

This week was for the birds, literally and figuratively.  Vacation hangover hit me like a ton of bricks and Colton was sick with a cold.  It was not a fun week.  I felt exhausted and didn't really venture for any photos.  I even forgot to take a photo!  Not bad considering that the only day so far that I have forgotten to take a photo was day 196 in a 366. 

July 10 - While the kids were sleeping in the car, I drove by my favorite spot to see scissortail flycatchers and I found two juveniles.  Here is one flying away.

July 11 - A baby dove fledged from the nest a little too early and landed in my yard.

July 12 - Today's photo had me doing the happy dance!  I got my tickets to go to the Antiques Roadshow in a couple weeks.  YAY!  Those are some seriously cool looking tickets.

July 13 - With the abundance of rain we have had lately, it has derailed a project we were working on.  We were going to lay another walkway with the flagstone, but instead, it has turned into a tadpole pond.

July 14 - I was so tired, that I took a 4 hour nap today, then went to bed super early and slept for 11 hours.  There was no photo taken today.  I thought about it, but was too exhausted to really process the thought.  I'm now kicking myself for it.  Day 196 fail!

July 15 - From my kitchen window I saw a juvenile blue jay sunning himself in the yard.  He's so fluffy!

July 16 - I noticed in my neighbor's driveway that mushrooms have started growing in the cracks.  I have seen quite an array of different fungus growing this year with all this rain and in some interesting places.

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  1. That's a cool mushroom. And I think you should still get points for creatively displaying that no picture it available.


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