July 7, 2012


Sorry I have been MIA.  I have a few updates to post.  First, I was on VACATION!!!  I try to refrain from posting where I am and for how long for obvious reasons.  It was an amazing family vacation in Cape Cod, MA that was shared with grandparents, a great grandmother, brother, future sister-in-law and other various family members on my husband's side of the family.  Many, many photos to come, but here is one of my favorites that I have edited so far that I call, "Hi Tourists!"

Mother humpback whale with calf, both fin slapping

Sigh, only about 1000 photos to go through and choose which ones to edit.   This might take a while.

Second update, I just squeaked by in the last round of So You Think You're Crafty.  Thanks to any and all who voted for my Manly Pillow Covers.  I was very proud of them, but realized that I NEED to take better photos and my house is not a great place to take photos.  My house is so naturally dark and I think that played a key factor into the lack of votes for my project.  Mental note to self...take better photos!  I could be completely wrong, maybe the men's dress shirt refashion has been over done.  This was my take on it and I may have showed up late to this party. 

I am so happy that I made it through to next week, I cannot wait to show you what I came up with for the theme of, "Summer Bounty."  I will be back to posting rather regularly now that I am back.  Look for an update of photos for my Photo 366 tomorrow.

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