July 8, 2012

Photo 366 #27

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  I figured it would most definitely giveaway that I was on vacation.  You will see, it was an awesome vacation.  Much thanks to my in-laws that pulled it all together.

June 26 - New vincas that are in my yard.  So pretty!

June 27 - A very tired child sleeping on an airplane.  A horrific flying experience in which I will blog about later after we finish dealing with customer service.  The resolution to our terrible experience will dictate the tone of that blog entry.

June 28 - I got to see some new birds on the coast of Chatham, MA.  These are Least Terns flying above the beach.

June 29 - The Chatham Band concert.  A Friday night summertime tradition.

June 30 - Happy Birthday to me!  I definitely have to say this is a birthday shot.  This snowy egret kept walking towards me, I had the privilege to watch him catch a fish.  It was awesome.

July 1 - My future sister-in-law and I headed up for a girls day in Provincetown, MA.  It was a great day, even when we had to seek shelter from a thunderstorm.  This was the view after the storm clouds lifted.  It was gorgeous!

July 2 - Colton playing on the beach.  My munchkin turned into a real beach bum on this vacation.


  1. Happy belated birthday to you, Erin. It looks like you had a nice vacation, but sorry to here a bad flight. I hope you get everything straightened out!

    1. Thanks! The vacation was worth the hassle of traveling.


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