April 2, 2013

I ♥ Ladybugs

Every year it's become tradition that I import ladybugs into my yard and garden.  My boys love when I get the bag of ladybugs and help me release them.  This came at just the right time since I was starting to notice some aphids on a few of my plants (a dietary staple of the ladybug). 

When you buy ladybugs at your garden center (not all of them carry them and usually you can only find them early in your planting season), they come in a mesh bag.  When you cut a small corner off of that bag, they escape quickly!

When you get more than a few, they definitely start to tickle.  Maben didn't seem to mind.

This is the first time we did ladybugs, three years ago!  Maben was so little there.  He was trying to make them fly by blowing on them.  (Maben above, Colton below.  You can't tell they are brothers can you?)  :)

Colton was in on the action and busted out his new bug catching/inspecting stuff from his Easter basket.  He enjoyed watching them up close and personal, but didn't want to hold them.

This was one of the few times they actually got him.  He wasn't too happy about it and lots of hand flapping began just a split second after I took this photo.

Colton even was nice enough to share his magnifying glass with Maben.

An afternoon full of nature, exploration and fun.  What more could a boy ask for?

Do you import ladybugs into your garden?  Are you interested in doing it now?

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