April 26, 2013

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

I have found that even though I have a pretty black thumb, it's slowly turning green and I love to garden.  I love flowers.  So here is a peak around my yard right now with what is growing.

My cannas are already waist high and blooming.  I can thank the lack of a winter here in south Texas for my cannas surviving it and now thriving early (very early) in the season.  Usually these beauties don't start flowering until late May.

My recently planted Columbines are just starting to flower.  This is one of my favorite wildflowers when I lived in Colorado, which also happens to be Colorado's state flower.  I was pleasantly surprised when talking to the owner of my favorite nursery that he said they did great in the shade in Texas.  I'm always up for an experiment.  I deem this a success!  This one happens to be maroon and yellow.

My mint, thyme and oregano are taking off on the slate patio.  All of these are suppose to help deter mosquitoes and they are doing a mighty fine job of it.  When we go sit out on the patio, we step (the kids stomp) on these herbs to release the fragrance and the mosquitoes stay at bay!  YAY!!! 

Pink Chintz Thyme

Golden Oregano

On the patio we also have planted thyme, pineapple mint, chocolate mint and ginger mint.  The ginger mint isn't doing too hot, but the thyme, chocolate and pineapple mint are doing great, I just have to keep in it check as it likes to get a little taller than I like.  So far, it doesn't mind the abuse and the cutting that I perform.

Here is my favorite garden art.  This was done by the talented Fred Conlon.  You should check out his work, it's hilarious!

Near these guys is my dwarf chenille.  This has done amazing in a shade area and was the only thing in my garden that thrived during the drought.

My vegetable garden is producing a whole lot of tomatoes right now as well.  I had two of my tomato plants survive winter!  I was told that if they survived they wouldn't fruit and if it did, it wouldn't taste very good.  Those myths are busted!  We have picked at least 30 tomatoes so far and the kids eat them before I can cook with them.

Solar Fire Tomatoes
I am also so happy to say that I planted a Satsuma Mandarin tree.  It's in bloom and has tiny little mandarins already!  They are so cute.

I will update again with my garden as more and more things are coming back and starting to bloom. 

Anyone else able to start gardening yet? 

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