April 3, 2011

My House is Under Construction

Bang, bang, bzzzzzzz, bang, bang...I have a headache!  It's funny that when I am the one wielding the tools, the noise is calming.  It gives me peace.  When someone else is wielding them...it gives me a monster headache.  I only know this now that my house has been under construction for the last three days.  New siding and windows are being installed.  The paint won't be much different from what is currently on the house.  We are doing toasted almond and a darker brown for our trim color.  I really hate the current trim color.

My house...the work in progress.  When we moved in almost 4 years ago, the house needed some serious TLC.  My husband and I have been slowly tackling it.  We finally got a new fence in...after Hurricane Ike took out the last one.  (Yes, I am quite aware with how long ago that was)  We put in the new mailbox and post when we did the fence a little bit ago. 

The old mailbox was a travesty!  It was horrid and I jumped up and down for joy when Hurricane Ike blew my mailbox away.  Some neighbor promptly returned the ugly mailbox to our front yard.  Really?  Couldn't you have just saved me and thrown it away.  Seriously, someone put slats of wood around the outside of the mailbox...it was ugly!  Since it was functioning, we bungee corded it back onto the post and said we would get around to it.  I mean, who honestly wants to brave a hardware store after a hurricane.  Well, we finally replaced the old mailbox and our new mailbox and post is in.  I love it!

I now need to figure out what to do with the post.  Stain it?  Paint it?  Hang something from it?  It needs something, I'm just not sure what.  I am always taking suggestions.

Our house is slowly turning into a home that we love.  Turning a house into a home really takes a lot of work, love and memories.  

The things I love about our home:

  • I brought my two baby boys home from the hospital to this home.
  • We have the biggest and best tree in the whole neighborhood in our front yard!
  • Our driveway is big enough to draw a chalk city for the cozy coupe cars to drive around and park two real cars at the same time.
  • The master bedroom is HUGE!
  • The garage is large enough to house all of our awesome power tools.
  • I installed an entire closet system in our master closet...and I did an awesome job at it.
  • We have the best next door neighbor in the whole wide world.
  • And last but not least, this is the home my hubby and I started our civilian life in.  As much as we both love and respect the military, it was our time to move on.

I will post more photos of my house once the new siding and windows are up and the paint job has been completed.

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