April 16, 2011

Siding and Windows

It's done...it's finally done!  The construction on my house is done!  It was quiet Friday.  My kids slept in.  I couldn't be happier...but still tired.  It is quite the transformation.  I can almost relax now.

It was so hard to deal with a construction crew here for a few weeks.  I know I bugged the crap out of them, partially because I was here a lot and the other part because between hubby and myself, we have quite a bit of DIY knowledge and would ask questions as to why/how certain things were getting done.  It was also hard to deal with all of this because of everything going on with life!  Anyways, it's done!

I love the new colors.  The house color wasn't bad, but it wasn't great and I HATED the before accent color.  It just reminded me of baby poop.  I am loving the contrast of the new colors.  We used Olympic Toasted Almond and Poppy Pods.

Also, is it just me or does the house look bigger now?  

We also got brand new gutters that wrap around the house and invested in gutter guards.  My hubby HATES cleaning out the gutters and as you can see, we have trees, which means he is up on the roof often to clean them out.   No more of that! 

The windows are the biggest change that I notice.  A lot of our old windows were the slide ones, not lift.  The old windows were plate glass from 1978!  They all now open/close and LOCK!  Important feature!  The old windows had warped to the point where most of them didn't even lock.  Good thing we have dogs that will totally eat someone.  The new windows also let more natural light in and it is so amazing. 

Seriously...look how crystal clear that is.  Even Colton is in awe of it.  The bad part of it all is all the cleaning I have to do.  This is most of the reason why.

The windows in the front of the house were such a tight fit that they had to shave the brick down.  Even though precautions were made, my house is still covered in a layer of dust.  So, most of today was spent vacuuming, dusting, rehanging blinds.  I'm not even close to being done.

The one thing that is very apparent now is that I need to work on my flower beds.  They got TRAMPLED!  Boys just don't care about those types of things.  Their attention to detail is not as good as a woman's.  Point proven below.

The house numbers didn't get painted and the '3' is a little off.  So, here is a list of things I need to fix/do in the front of the house and I can relax.

  • Paint the lattice that hides my trashcans to match the house.
  • Paint the mailbox post to match the house.
  • Paint numbers on the sides of my mailbox.
  • Replant my flower bed.
  • Fix the house numbers.
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  1. I think it’s the right decision that you opted for new gutters and gutter guard, especially because you have lots of trees around your house. Cleaning the gutter is really a chore! But you must still inspect the gutters at least once a year, if they are working properly. I love the new color of your home. Do you still maintain it until now? ->Cody Charlebois

  2. Color can definitely make such a big difference. Looking at the before and after photos, you can clearly tell the big transformation that happened. I like how the new color brings out the beauty of your home. It looks so much better than it was. Kudos for the choice of color! ->Blair Construction L.L.C

  3. What a huge improvement! You brightened up your home with color that you chose. It looks fresh, neat, and stylish. It seems like a newly built home again. The siding looks immaculate. This is the part that creates such a big difference on the house. Good job! ->North West Exteriors


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