April 8, 2011

Transportation Art

I cleaned out my car the other day and came across a U.S. atlas that was 5 years old.  With all the construction and my lack of road trips has rendered this fairly useless.  I did think of a cool way to use up some of the pages instead of just sending them to the recycle bin.  I decided I wanted to make some art and use the map pages as the background.  I love to travel and hope to pass that love down to my kids.

This is the final group hanging together.  Each map page has a special significance to my husband or myself.  Each mode of transportation...not so much.  I did however try and match up the transportation with a map that might give it some meaning.

Map: Houston
Transportation: Rocket Ship

Houston is where we became a family.  It's where we currently call home and where my boys were born.  Obviously a rocket ship is fitting for Houston.  This city is home to NASA.

Map: Colorado
Transportation: Car

The city in which I was born is visible and I grew up in the Denver metro area.  My husband also spent a few years as a kid in the Denver metro area (back in the days before we knew each other).  The car is intentionally facing East, because we both met each other out East.

Map: Cape Cod
Transportation: Sailboat

Cape Cod is where some of my husband's family lives (I totally love that!).  I love the beach, ocean, fishing, lighthouses, etc and we have been lucky enough to vacation there a few times.  

Map: Western New York
Transportation:  Helicopter

I spent a lot of my time growing up in Western New York.  I just wish that I could have gotten Syracuse to be on the same page.  Syracuse was right in the crease, so there was no great way to save it.  My husband and I met each other while attending Syracuse University.  There is no real significance with the helicopter other than Maben recently got to sit in one.

In order to make the pieces of transportation I pulled out my Cricut (I know, I'm so old school compared to all those with a Silhouette). Some of the pieces were from Cricut cartridges, while some were not.  The helicopter was done with nothing but odd shapes put together.  All in all, I love how this turned out and am thinking of possibly doing a few more framed up to add to this collection.  I can always do a truck, airplane, bicycle/motorcycle, etc.

Showing this off:

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  1. So cool! I love those...so I can use my old atlas, just need to figure out some way to put fun things on top if it...

  2. I love this idea, you did a great job. I love how sentimental it is and the meaning of each map........and even that the car is facing East. I have a link party on Sunday's called Sentimental Sundays, I would love it if you linked this up.

    Cha Cha

  3. Cute idea and what fun art! Love, Me

  4. Thanks for linking them up, You rock.

    Cha Cha


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