June 28, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday #13

My favorite photo this week has to do with something that people just don't believe.  My children often choose anything other than the sugary treat to eat.  I took the kids to Double Dave's Pizza last week and not just one, but both decided they wanted to eat more pickles before their dessert pizza.  Below is a photo of Colton munching on his pickle with his untouched dessert pizza in the other hand.  This photo is also completely unedited. 

Since I am sharing on the subject of my kids odd eating tendencies, I will also share a conversation my husband overheard between Maben (3 year old) and myself.  He sometimes thinks he has entered the twilight zone after overhearing conversations like this.

Maben: "More broccoli please!"
Me: "Sorry pumpkin, we are all out of broccoli, do you want cauliflower or cucumber?"
Maben: "Ummm...broccoli!"
Me: "I already told you, there is no more broccoli, cauliflower or cucumber?"
...a few moments later...
Maben: "Mmmmm, I like cauliflower."

How I love my kids...and I love that they love munching on raw veggies or pickles with me!

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