June 23, 2011

Tool Holders

My husband and I both enjoy woodworking.  Living down south with all this humidity is NOT a good thing for your tools.  It causes a whole lot of rust and rust prevention is important if you want to keep using your tools for a long time.  There are many tool holders you can buy to store your tools and they typically come in two options, leather or canvas/denim.  Last month at the woodworking club meeting I attended, I decided to ask the old guys (don't judge, they are old!  I am fairly certain I am the youngest member) which was better.  It was an almost unanimous agreement upon canvas, and then denim.

Apparently leather holds moisture and you don't want moisture next to your tools.  Moisture = rust!  My hubby has a lot of leather tool holders, so for Father's day, I made him a denim one for a set of his chisels.

It rolls up, clips shut and has grommets at the top to hang it on a peg board (open or closed).  The grommets actually line up when you roll it closed.  Total happy coincidence! 

The only *constructive* criticism I received from the hubby was that it needs a flap at the top, so if he throws it in a tool box, the chisels won't come sliding out.  That's easy enough...I can add that at a later time.  For now, I just wanted to show off another creation.

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