June 8, 2011

A Trip to the ER or A Fun Night Out?

Tuesday night I was out turning a pen in the garage and to make a long story short, I tripped and stabbed the back of my thumb with a turning tool.  It was not pretty and I kept my head about me and just casually asked my husband to come downstairs while my thumb was bleeding profusely.  He helped bandage me up and then I asked him to wrap my hand in a plastic bag so I could shower.

That's right folks, instead of heading straight to the ER, I was going to shower.  I probably had some funky B.O. going on, had covered myself earlier in the day with bug spray and was currently coated in a layer of saw dust.  I knew if stitches were going to be coming, they couldn't get wet, so I was going to rid myself of all that grime prior to the ER.

Once that was done, hubby stayed at home with sleeping kids and I drove myself to the ER at Christus St. Catherine.  I had a stack of magazines with me and was prepared to wait a long time.  The whole trip took just over 2 hours.  Seriously impressed!

The nurse that I had was amazing, sweet and fun.  Seriously a girl I would love to be friends with.  The doctor was very nice and had better bedside manner than any other ER doctor I have encountered.  The radiology tech was really fun to talk to and everything was done so quickly!

Of course, having to explain exactly what happened to me was difficult when I was dealing with people who had no idea what I was talking about.  So, I busted out some photos and showed them some of the things I do.

Like this...

And this...

And this...

And this...

They got the picture of what happened after they realized what I was doing.  I really did jab my thumb with a sharp pointy tool.

The cut on my thumb extends from the cuticle all the way down over the knuckle.  Not an ideal spot to put stitches, so instead they used Steri strips...after they cleaned it out of course!  (Which surprisingly didn't hurt).

Now, I am left with this and an awesome lesson learned of, "watch where you are walking!"  You can't forget shop safety, even for a moment. 

So, a big thanks to all the wonderful folks over at Christus St. Catherine Hospital's Emergency Department, you guys made what would have normally been a dreaded trip to the ER a whole lot of fun.

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