July 26, 2011

Favorite Photo Tuesday: A Recap

I realized this week that I have been really good about posting my favorite photo every week, for the past 16 weeks!  I hope you have enjoyed it.  It lets you into my life and has definitely expanded and helped me achieve better photography results with my new camera.  This week, with all it's craziness hasn't lent for any great photos, so I am doing this recap.  I know, and I just was talking about how good I was doing!  Oops! 

The thing I have learned most about doing this every week, capture the moments that make you smile.  Each and every one of these photos brings a smile to my face.  I know why I chose each and every one of these photos to showcase for you.  Whether it is my fascination with a full moon or letting my kids be kids.  They are all special to me.

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