July 13, 2011

World Famous Fudge

Last week I showed this recipe off over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps.  For anyone who missed it there, it's being reposted here!  But in all seriousness, Sandra has a really awesome Handmade Christmas in July going on at her blog, you should definitely check it out.  Without further ado...my World Famous Fudge!

This is seriously  the creamiest fudge recipe out there.  This is my go to gift for all those people who are often forgot about in the holiday season.  My mailman gets fudge (Tony the mailman actually looks forward to it every year!) and so do the ladies that watch my kids at the gym, teachers, the guys that pick up my trash, etc.

There are some precise steps that need to be followed in order to get that result.  To me, there is nothing worse than eating gritty fudge.

1 - cup milk
1 - tbsp vanilla
4 - cups sugar
2 - sticks unsalted butter
25 - large marshmallows
2 - squares of unsweetened baking chocolate
1 - 4oz german chocolate bar
1 - 12oz package of milk chocolate chips

Bring the milk, sugar and vanilla to a rolling boil in a stock pot.  Stir (almost) continuously while bringing it to a boil and while it is boiling.

not boiling


It MUST boil for 4 minutes.  (That is the most important step of this entire process)  This is what gets rid of the grittiness. 

Add 2 sticks of butter and 25 large marshmallows to the mixture and turn your heat on low.

Once all the marshmallows have melted, add ALL of the chocolate.  Break up the german chocolate bar into smaller pieces.  Stir continuously. 

Once all of your chocolate has melted, pour it into a pan and refrigerate.   If you wanted to add nuts to the top, make sure you have them ready to sprinkle on top right after you pour the fudge, otherwise it starts to solidify so fast that you will not have the chance for them to stick. 

That's it for the fudge!  I typically box the fudge in a small store bought candy boxes.

These were purchased at Hobby Lobby during the Christmas season when they were 50% off.

I line the boxes with waxed paper (and you can find colored wax paper at specialty stores) and put between 10-12 small bites of fudge inside each box.

I wrap each box with some ribbon and a gift tag if needed and they are ready to give out to anyone who deserves a little something during the holiday season.

The fudge is super easy to make, takes about 20-30 minutes and makes a great thank you gift for a large amount of people during the holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe as much as I do.

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