July 17, 2011

Some Pinterest Love

When I first found out about Pinterest there were two things that went through my mind.
  1. I already spend enough time online...this would be the ultimate black hole of time sucking.
  2. What a great idea!  A place that I can store all those fantastic ideas I want to do.
 Well, I am on Pinterest and am glad that it hasn't completely sucked me into it's black hole of time sucking.  I don't spend as much time as I initially thought I would, but more than I would like.  It has inspired me...quite a bit.  Seeing all those great ideas gets my mind churning about all the great things I can do, I just need to leave the computer and do them.

And for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Pinterest is a website where you can basically catalog all those photos of things that inspire you and you can organize them as you see fit.  Then they are all available to inspire others and gives you a nice neat place where they won't be lost.  It's really, really cool and has totally cleaned out my bookmarks.

Here are a few of my Pinterest faves to share.

So how many others out there in blog land are pinning?  If you want to follow my pins, you can do so here.

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