January 9, 2013

Marker Caddy

For those of you with kids, don't you hate it how your kids lose marker caps?  I swear I can sit there watching them color and they lose the caps.  This marker caddy fixes that problem and it is incredibly easy to make.

I got this idea from my grandfather.  He use to make them for all his grand kids and also use to sell them in craft fairs.  I made a few changes, his was round, I took the easier way out and just used a 2x4.

You will need a package of washable markers, E-6000 glue, a 9/16 inch HSS drill bit, an untreated pine 2x4, sandpaper and your choice of a non-toxic finish.  I used furniture wax. 

Cut your 2x4 down to 8 inches.  Use a ruler to mark off your spacing of where you will place your holes for the marker tops.  I made a template in Photoshop.  I am sharing it with you, but please only use it for personal use.   Drill, your holes where the lines cross.  Sand your wood to 220 grit.  Then apply your finish, making sure not to get too much into the holes.  Glue your markers in and let the glue cure for 24 hours. 

It's a very easy project that doesn't take very long at all.  I do them assembly line style and can knock out quite a few so I have some around when I get the last minute birthday invite.  I usually pair it with a drawing pad.

And best of all...no more lost caps!

Once a marker dries out, replace that marker and don't worry about the cap because it isn't going anywhere.  Just be aware that some small hands have a hard time snapping the marker down tight until the caps are broken in.  So at the end of a color session, just make sure all the markers are seated tightly in their caps so the markers don't dry out.

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