January 4, 2013

Photo 366 The Last Weeks

What an exhausting year.  I will post more about my lessons learned for my photo 366, so I won't bore you with those now :)  Glad that this is done and I can show you the end of my Photo 366, 2012.

December 18 - Colton had his Christmas program and I was so happy that my grandfather (Colton's Great grandfather) was able to attend.  Thank you Aunt Bridgett and Katie for bringing him.

December 19 - Colton visited Santa and was not impressed.  He wanted to go play with the cars and trains instead.

December 20 - The star on top of our Christmas tree.

December 21 - Maben munching on a cookie he decorated at his class winter party.  Colton was photo bombing a kiss onto Maben.

December 22 - Our Christmas tree.  I always admire the trees that look all pretty in photos with the white lights, but I love our tree and it's colorful lights.

December 23 - The one  stained glass ornament that I kept for our tree.

December 24 - Matt reading, "Twas the Night Before Christmas," to the boys.  It's tradition!

December 25 - Merry Christmas!  I hope you enjoyed your Chirstmas as much as we have ours.  Here are the boys with some of their favorite toys.  

December 26 - Santa brought daddy and Maben checkers and chess for Christmas.  Here is Maben learning.

December 27 - An up close shot of one of the Christmas lights.

December 28  - A product shot of one of the pens I have in inventory.

December 29 - Trying out my new flash in a super dark room on the dog.  Loving my new flash and will blog about it at some point.

December 30 - Found a random Chinese cookie on the counter.  I cracked it open and laughed.

December 31 -  The boys and I went out hawk spotting.  We saw 7 hawks, most of them red-tailed hawks like this one.

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  1. My daughter was also totally unimpressed with father Christmas !! lol. I can't remember anything other than excitement at the prospect of meeting him. We have this bear that, when you press a button, reads the whole of 'twas the night before christmas. my daughter listens to it on repeat :-)


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