January 28, 2013

The Almost Perfect Day

Saturday in south Texas was beautiful.  Not just any kind of beautiful, either.  The sun was out, it was in the high 70's and shorts weather.  Pretty remarkable when most of the rest of the country was dealing with some of the coldest weather they have seen in years. 

My best friend, Sabrina, came to visit and brought her daughter.  We packed up our kids and headed for Galveston Island.  This was my first trip there.  It was ALMOST perfect.  My husband stayed behind to study for the GMAT.  It would have been perfect if he could have joined, but I am more than content to deal with almost perfect. 

The best thing about our kids...they never seem to fight with each other.  They are like three peas in a pod and never seem to have the odd man out.  If one isn't involved, it doesn't seem to bother. 

It was amazing watching the kids play and be kids...HAPPY kids, outside and enjoying all the fruits that nature bears. 

Between playing on two separate beaches and enjoying the walking trails of Galveston State Park, watching a full moon rise over the Gulf of Mexico, and witnessing a fire cloud for the second time ever, life in those moments was rather amazing.

I wish everyone can experience a day such as this.  It really recharges your mind, energizes your soul and brings you peace.  I feel amazing.  My creativity feels like it has been restored.  I don't think I have taken this many great photos in one day since the whale watch last summer.

Thanks Sabrina for coming down and bringing my favorite little girl with you! 

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  1. It is very rare that in the middle of "winter" in Texas you can spend it at the beach, and have the kids playing in the water. It was an awesome weekend!!


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