September 9, 2013

Smart Phone, Markers and First Day of School

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My handsome little one started preschool last week.  He was hamming it up for the camera, and not just the DSLR, but my new Samsung Galaxy S4.  I made the plunge and got a smart phone and a month later am still trying to figure it all out. 

I have downloaded and started playing with Pixlr-o-matic.  The above photo was edited with it.  I love old photos and emulsion transfers and this just made me happy because it kinda looks like both.

So, I have to ask what other apps should I be downloading for my phone that are photo related?  Do I even dare figure out Instagram? 

Are there any good apps that build collages like the one below?  (which was done in photoshop)

Colton is shamelessly showing off his school backpack which I decorated with angry birds.  Since it was rip stop nylon, there wasn't much I could do as far as sewing on it and definitely couldn't iron anything on.  I chose to paint on it with some new markers.  Montana acrylic water based markers are what I used for the first time and they are amazing!!!  They coverage is opaque and permanent.  I did such a great job that my husband thought I figured out a way to iron a patch on.

I did take a few photos of Colton with my DSLR and he really shined for me.  Oh how I love this boy, words just cannot describe.

I am happy to report that he loves school so far and the worse thing that happened to him his first week was he didn't finish all his juice at lunch and had to throw a whole sip away.  How I wish that was the biggest problem I would face all week.

So, here is hoping that my beautiful brown-eyed Colton has a wonderful school year and I figure out how to use my phone to it's fullest.

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