September 28, 2013


Did you know that they bloom?  It's a stupid question, because I never even thought about it until one of mine did.  Okay, maybe the question isn't stupid, but I definitely suffer lapses in thought.

They are a huge trend in home decorating and I have never seen one in bloom.  I just kind thought they grew slowly like cactus and didn't really do a whole lot.  They are quite beautiful all on their own. 

One of mine went completely wild and crazy and I just let it go to see what it would do.  It grew a tentacle about 12 inches, long and bloomed! 

He wrapped himself all the way around Prince Charming (a party lite candle holder) and produced some pretty cool flowers.

The kids have also taken a liking to sticking found feathers from the yard in where some of the succulents died off. 

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