October 9, 2012

Photo 366 #41

I cannot believe how many of these Photo 366's I have done.  Only 10 weeks left!  Holy crap, that means 9 weeks until Christmas.  I'm not even ready for Halloween!!!  Why does time have to fly so fast?  I am glad that I have this past year documented in photos.

October 2 - My baby turned three!  At times I cannot believe he is that old, and at other times I believe he should be much older.  He didn't seem to stay a baby very long.  Oh, and he LOVED his pink cupcakes.

October 3 - We have had some killer sunsets lately.  Such intense color.  I had to go and capture it.  Unfortunately, the color was much more vivid, but I got stuck at EVERY red light trying to get to a place that I could take a decent photo.  I still think the color is amazing.  I love how clear the gradient is from pink to blue.

October 4 - I posted last week how I fixed the dryer.  While on the inside, I discovered where some of that change ends up.  I left it there so I would not piss off the appliance gods any further than what I obviously already have. 

October 5 - The whole family packed up the dogs and headed to the dog park.  I don't know if the dogs had more fun or the kids.  Either way, all my babies ran themselves ragged.  There were a lot of just great moment, but it was fun to see Animal bounding into the water to go and retrieve his tennis balls.  I look at this photo and cannot help but laugh every time I look at it.

October 6 - I have a fall garden going right now, filled with cucumbers, green onions, tomatoes, cilantro, cauliflower and some newly planted garlic.  I am so excited that I have some baby cucumbers going, too bad that in the last few days I have had a mite infestation from hell.   Hoping that my cucumbers will survive it.

October 7 - I have told you how I am taking small steps to get my creativity rolling again.  I have been drawing in my Walls notebook.  It's a journal/notebook that is filled with page after page of walls and doors.  I couldn't resist a really bad Knock Knock joke on this page.

October 8 - The weather was nice and cool (our first real cold front had rolled through) so off we went to the park to have some fun.  Colton loves his dinosaur hoodie.  Thank you Old Navy for that.

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