March 25, 2011

Preschool Class Craft: Part 5

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Yesterday I got to drag in two children and a hand truck loaded with the planter bench and all the supplies I would need to get 14 kids and 2 teachers hand printing these benches.  I had help from two other moms (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) which helped immensely.  I mixed up the paint and called kids over two at a time.

Here is Maben and myself doing the hand print flowers.  Colton watching us in the background.

Of course my child would be the ONLY one who smudged his hand print.  Oh well, it adds character.  It definitely says, "I'm three years old!"

The bench turned out AMAZING!  I wish I would have taken photos of it outside, but I started carting it inside after putting a clear coat on it.  Since I was pushing a stroller and pulling a hand truck with a bench on it and it didn't don on me until I was inside, I said to myself, "Yeah, inside photos will do!"

Maben's hand print is the smudged one on the right.  There is also a yellow thumbprint in the center of each flower.

The teacher's hand prints are on the left end.  We had to turn their hands a little since their hands are much larger than 3 and 4 year olds.

I am so unbelievably happy with how this all turned out.  I think everyone will be more than pleased with how it turned out and I will update you on how it does in the Preschool Auction!

I am definitely showing this off at the links below.


  1. That is Very Cute! I think you will many bidders for it at the auction. Just adorable and a cute and clever idea!

  2. OK, just left a message but closed it before writing in the "magic word". Anyway - it turned out awesome! Great job! I'd bid on it if I lived there! Miss ya!

  3. It looks awesome! Great job!

  4. That looks great! You did a really good job!



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