June 24, 2013

up, Up, UP in a Tree!

I'm not the only handy one around my house.  When my husband isn't busy or exhausted from work and travel, he can be found getting dirty (sometimes right along side of me) fixing, building, or replacing something.  Matt asked me to call our local mechanic's shop to see if they would give us a tire so he could put up a tire swing for our kids.  It just so happened that I need to go in for an oil change and bugged them until they gave in.  YAY!

I brought it home and on Sunday, my husband gathered up the supplies and went up in one of our smaller trees. 

Even though this is one of our smaller trees, it's still huge and he is really up, Up, UP there!

One tip that I can give you about putting up a tire swing, many places tell you to just put a strap over the limb of the tree, but an arborist will tell you NO!  It is actually better for the tree to drill a hole in it, use a galvanized eye bolt (secured properly) and the tree will heal itself around the bolt.  With a strap, it will continuously wear at the bark and cause more stress and damage on the tree.  My husband spent a lot of time researching the options and now I am sharing his findings with you.

The boys waited anxiously for dad to finish and it was worth the wait.

Colton doesn't look too happy in this next photo, having to wait for his turn.

I am seriously still laughing at his sad little face.  I love those little gems you discover later when you go through photos.

Summer has been great and just keeps getting better.  A big thanks to my husband for providing more fun around the house for the kids. 


My kids figured out a way to play with the tire swing at the same time.  I love their ingenuity.  I'm impressed that they both can throw through a moving target.

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