December 30, 2010

What to Accomplish in 2011?

There are millions of things I want to try, do, buy, accomplish for next year.  How do I narrow them all down?  I guess I am going to shoot for a few small realistic goals.

Memorabilia/crafts for my kids:
-I want to do something with my children's silhouettes.
-I made a quilt for my older son, I would like to try one for my younger son.
-Need to make a crayon roll up and chalk cloth placemat for my younger son.  My older son got both for Christmas this year, shooting for this to be a birthday present for the younger one.

-I want to finish up the ABC photo letter project for both my kiddos.
-I want to do at least one handprint/footprint craft involving both of my kiddos.

Something for me:
-I want to do one woodworking project that is something I haven't done in the past.
-I want to start a stockpile of pens...they seem to be selling as fast as we make them, so I would like to build up small stockpile.


-I would like to complete a painting to be hung somewhere in my home.
-I would also like to take a series of photos and frame them somewhere in my home.

I think this list will be a great kick off point to get me going through the start of the year.  I am sure that I will add much more, but everyone needs a starting off point, including me!

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