December 22, 2010

Chalkboard Place Mat

When I was at the Houston Quilt Show this year, I came across chalk cloth.  This was the first time I had seen it and the guy who sold it to me told me tons of uses for it.  So the use I decided to try out first was a chalkboard place mat.

I picked out some cute boy fabric for the back of the place mat and some bias tape to trim it out with.  It turned out alright (the chalk cloth was a little difficult to sew through, my poor machine sounded like it was going to explode!).  I figured something was missing I decided to make a small bag to put the chalk in and attached it with a grommet and some leftover bias tape.  Now, the best part and complete happy accident, the outside of the bag that houses the chalk, can be used as an eraser!  Also, since it is removable, it can easily be washed.  How I love happy accidents!

I plan on making one of these for my other son, when he gets a little older.  Now, since I have figured out how to do this project, the next time I do it I will have to make a tutorial.  It should be easier the second time around since I made plenty of mistakes the first time.

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