December 17, 2010

Photo Ornament

I was at my local Archiver's store a few days ago and stumbled across a great, cheap and easy gift to make.  They had Umbra Fotoball Ornaments, so I picked up three at $3.99 each.  I won't be posting a link for them online since they are not online at Archiver's online store and everywhere else I found them they were more than $7.

These are the items needed to complete this, plus a pair of scissors and some glue.

First I pulled apart the ornament, which releases from the bottom.  I then pulled out the photos that came with the ornament and it gave me a rough estimate of the size I needed to cut my photos.

I then dry fit my photos and kept trimming just a hair at a time until I got it to fit just right.

Once I got the first photo perfect, I just laid that on top of the other photos I needed to cut and then all I had to do was use cut around the edges and had a photo with a perfect fit.  I also made sure that I had washed and dried my hands thoroughly before handling the photos, so they wouldn't be full of fingerprints.  (If you use a non moisturizing soap it will keep your fingers oil free for a short period of time)  

Once all the cutting was done, I placed my photos where I wanted them and slid the bottom back after putting just a small bit of glue to keep it from coming apart in shipping.  Then I was done!  Three Christmas presents for under $14 and only about 20 minutes of my time.

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