August 1, 2012

Photo 366 #31

Oh my goodness am I busy!  The competition has been eating up a lot of time.  I'm also a bit of an Olympic addict.  That is a serious time suck.  Yeah, completely forgot to put this up yesterday.  The only reason I am doing it right now is I am waiting for some stuff to dry.

July 24 - What a pleasant surprise!  I got a postcard from Eric Carle in the mail.  Now, I realize it was probably automatically generated because I visited his guest book and follow his blog, but it doesn't matter to me.  It made me feel special.  Doesn't he look like he could be the best grandpa ever?

July 25 - The boys wanted to help me water the flowers and yard.  Well, it turned into lots of sprinkler fun.  I love the way the water and light play in this photo.

July 26 - The boys posing in some holes at the top of a slide at a local playground.  It's almost hard to tell who is who!

July 27 - My liriope finally bloomed!  Yay!

July 27 - A cool looking moon rising as the sun was setting on the other side of the sky.  There was a thin layer of clouds over/around the moon that were a dark magenta.  This picture doesn't do it any justice.

July 28 - Maben and I took most of our mother/child scavenger hunt today.  This is our photos of each other, straight out of the camera (no editing!).

July 29 - We signed Maben up for gymnastics.  He had a blast and it happened to be a theme week.  Here he is showing off his muscles after he got the Gold Medal!  I wish I had time to adjust the camera, it's such a cute pose and such a terrible job on my end. 

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