August 14, 2012

Photo 366 #33

I am suffering from serious Olympic hangover.  I love the Olympics and watch as much of it as my family will let me.  I stayed up too late and am far too tired.  Now, onto Shark week...I cannot get enough sharks.  Love them!  I am seriously one tired woman.  Some of my photos this week happened to be the first thing that I saw.  I think I took fewer photos this past week than I had any other week during this challenge.

August 7 - It was late and I realized I hadn't taken a photo.  Here is my laptop keyboard.  Those are Photoshop sticker shortcuts.  These have made editing photos SO MUCH EASIER.  Now, when I want to switch from the zoom to brush tool, all I have to push is the letter 'B.' Thank you hubby for an awesome birthday present!  They have been on my laptop for over a month and no sign of peeling up either!

August 8 - I took a photo of the sun through some vinyl blinds.  I have always loved/hated the optical illusion that it plays on your eyes.

August 9 - My hubby and I were being silly one day and kissed each other through the glass door.  I noticed a few days later that my lips were still there.  In other words...I need to wash my windows.

August 10 - We had some rain storms roll through.  When it passed I saw the awesome golden glow just radiate through my house, so I ran outside to take a look and saw the strangest clouds I have ever seen. The photo is in focus.  Those clouds towards the top, that's what they really looked like.  Have you ever seen clouds like that?  Anyone know what causes it?

August 11 - Maben was invited to a Mermaids and Pirates birthday party.  What a wonderful party it was.  Maben has an amazing time and here he is posing with his best mermaid face.  I was informed that mermaids make fish faces.

August 12 - Here are the boys taking a break from running in the sprinklers to pose for a photo.

August 13 - Colton was hanging out with me in the art room.  While I was working on his baby book (yeah, he's not really a baby anymore, but I am determined to get this done before he realizes I waited so long), he was busy painting.  Here he is painting a monster who sneezed.

1 comment:

  1. Love that mermaid face
    Too cute.

    The kiss on the glass window is sweet! It's so cool how you're capturing everyday moments. I may have to try.

    And I am SO with you on the olympic hangover!


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