August 9, 2013

Paintings By Request

I mentioned earlier this summer that I have been painting much more, mainly because I am finding myself waiting around a lot.  Since I often just need a nudge as to what to paint, I have been asking not just my kids, but other kids near by what I should paint.  Here is a selection of a few this summer.

Maben asked me to paint the rocket ship and alien that is on the side of one of his buckets.

One of the kids in Maben's gymnastics class asked me to paint him a sunset.  I love this one. 

Angry birds is always popular in our house.  This is big red bird, also known as Terence.  Did you know that the Angry Birds have names?  Yup, that's how addicted my children are.

This is Lazer Bird from Angry Birds Space.  It's what Chuck (the yellow bird) turned into when he went to space.  

And here is a minion from Despicable Me.  This one is for my husband, he needs some minions.

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