August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Maben

My oldest son Maben is turning 6 today!  Happy birthday Maben.  Where has the time gone?  I look back on his birthday photos and wonder what happened?  How did he get so big? So fast!

1st Birthday

Maben was always a very sweet baby and is an even sweeter and more thoughtful boy.

Those chunky cheeks didn't last near long enough!

2nd Birthday

Maben has always marched the beat of his own drum.  While most children want a cake with the biggest Disney character of the time, Maben has always chose otherwise, as seen here with his fruit covered cheesecake. 

3rd Birthday

His third birthday, he tried and tried to blow those candles out and I think he just managed to blow raspberries, but it was so cute!  He is a very persistent and determined child.

4th Birthday

He hasn't always been a ham for the camera, but the older he gets, the more he wants to be behind it.  He loves to take photos just like his momma.

5th Birthday

That penguin!  I both love and hate that penguin.  Maben was insistent that he wanted a penguin cake.  No one, and I mean NO ONE (I went to 10 different stores) looking for someone that would make a penguin cake, I went to even more stores just to find a toy penguin that I could put on a cake.  The boy knows what he wants and it's not usually what everyone else wants.  I admire that so much about him.  He likes what he likes and isn't influenced by what others like. 

As he turns six today, I hope more than anything that he maintains his uniqueness, compassion and his want for learning.  I hope I have at least one more year of hugs in front of his friends, because I know that will soon come to an end.  Happy birthday baby!  I hope year six is a great one.

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