August 19, 2013

Back Up Your Blog

With all the changes that the site has been undergoing, I thought I would show you how to back up not only your blog, but your template as well.  This will definitely give you the security you need in order to play around with your blog and make changes.

The blog back up is 4 easy steps.
1. Select Settings
2. Under Settings, select Other
3. At the top of the Other page, select Export Blog
4. Click Download Blog and Save.

If you need to import your saved blog, instead of clicking on Export, click on Import and select the file.  Easy peasy!

Backing up your template is just as easy.

1. Select Template
2. At the top right hand side, select Backup/Restore
3. In the pop up box, click Download full template, then Save

If you need to reload your template, instead of clicking on the download, below that select the Browse option, select your saved template and click Upload.

Feel free to play with your blog without the fear of losing it all or screwing it up. 

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