August 6, 2013

Animated GIFs In Photoshop

Last summer I decided to make an animated GIF of Maben jumping into the pool.  This year, I think it's a bigger deal as I have a swimmer!  This was his first time jumping off a diving board into the pool.  Of course I had to be there with my camera ready.

Maben was so proud of himself and I am too.  Both times I have done this, I used the tutorial from Creative Techs.  It's done so well, that I am not going to redo it.  If you want to try this, I suggest you head on over there and try it out.  It doesn't take long to figure it out.  They even have a file you can download to try their animation if you don't have any photos/pictures ready for this.

They show how to do their tutorial with drawings and text.  If you do it with photos, I would suggest you put your camera on continuous shooting mode so you don't end up with a gap in the photos.

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