February 2, 2011

Hand Print Hearts

This is a fun idea to do with your kids, actually I recommend doing it with kids.  Hand print art is a little weird if your kids aren't the ones doing it, not unless you are a super famous movie star putting your hand prints in cement and signing it.

Back to topic now.  My kids had an absolute blast doing this project.  Even my older kid, who likes to be super clean, liked getting his hands dirty.  That might have been because I promised him a bath afterwards, but that is besides the point.  It was messy and a lot of fun.

What you need:
Washable paint
Paintbrush or roller
Washcloth or Wet wipes near by!!!

Use your roller or paintbrush and apply it to one hand on your kid then place your first hand print down.  Works best if you keep your fingers together.  Couldn't really assist my 3 year old if I wanted to get a decent photo, but it makes for a more definite heart shape if the fingers are together.

Use your roller or paintbrush and apply it to the other hand on your kid and then place your second hand print down. The fingertips of your other hand will be in the same area as your first hand, but the back of the hand will be off to the side.  Make sure the thumbs are in the center of the heart.

This is what it looks like when you are done. 

Like I said before, if the fingers are together you get a better looking heart, which is why I am now showing you one that I assisted both my kids with.

A one year old's hand print is a success if you don't smear it all over the page, but as you can see with my 3 year old's hand print, this one has a better heart shape to it.

Now look at all the fun they had!

I believe Colton is saying, "yeah mom, you are a nutty loser, but I love you!"  I just find it funny that he is making the loser "L" on his forehead.

"Look mom, my hands are dirty and red!"  This is what Maben actually told me.

I hope you have as much fun doing this with your kids as I did.  All the red paint even came out of their clothes and mine.  YAY!

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