February 24, 2011

My Experience at the Museum: Part 2

If you missed yesterday's post, check out Part 1 here.

Jumping right back in.

I really liked the detail in this painting.  I think capturing the essence and energy of a city scene is difficult.

Pont Neuf Paris, Henriot

Next to each painting there is a description and the description for this one had me laughing out loud.  Apparently, to get the people to stand still long enough to sketch them accurately, Henriot had his brother go out and strike up a conversation with them.  Ingenious!  

This was the painting I hated the most.  I found it unfinished and kind of disturbing.  Let me explain after I show it to you.

The Cradle, Monet

One thing I learned when drawing/painting any living being, that you must capture light in their eyes...otherwise they look dead.  Create some sort of a reflection in the eyes.  This baby's eyes (by the way, this is Monet's son and wife in the painting) are black.  Solid black...it creeps me out.  The baby looks dead.  Also, Monet's wife looks like she has had one too many and is going to fall out of that chair.  Overall...HATED this painting.  Not the best way to depict your family.

Onto the painting that I wanted to steal and hang in my kitchen, because let's face it, my kitchen needs some decoration.  

Three Peaches, Latour

I found this still life just perfect.  The use of color and brush stroke made the wood grain appear as if it were photographed.  The tones were rich, the peaches looked good enough to eat and I loved the contrast that the plate creates.  

I was so excited to see a Degas in person.  What little girl doesn't dream of being one of the dancers depicted in a Degas.  Such beauty and grace.  Okay, maybe not all little girls dream of that, but I did.

 Dancers Backstage, Degas

This painting doesn't exactly depict the beauty and grace that some of his others do, but I was just super excited to see a Degas in person.  This was also a very small painting.  It was smaller than an 8x10 inch photo. 

I was also super excited to see a Seurat in person.  What type of crazy do you have to be to create large paintings using nothing but dots?  I think I fully understand that level of crazy, because I have done a drawing like that and LOVED doing it.  By the way, the style of creating a picture out of dots is called pointillism. 

The Lighthouse at Honfleur, Seurat

There were two Seurat paintings there, this one I enjoyed much more than the other.  I love seeing beautiful seascapes void of people.  Maybe it's because I love to walk along a beach by myself, I find it so soothing and relaxing.  I would love to have a little piece of beach all to myself.  This painting makes me think that is possible. 

Onto the last two painting, both of which were done by Van Gogh.  My reaction to both paintings were opposite to what I expected to experience. 

Roses, Van Gogh

I have seen this one in many art books and thought it was nothing special.  That was until I saw it.  It is so stunning in person...it took my breath away!  I told my husband after seeing this that I would eagerly trade in every TV in the house to have this hanging in our house.  The way the paint was layered onto the canvas gave this an almost 3D effect.  Some of the flowers really looked like they were coming out away from the canvas.  It was really neat.  

Self Portrait, Van Gogh

Van Gogh did a lot of self portraits throughout his many years of painting.  This one was towards the end of his life.  If you know anything about Van Gogh it is probably that he cut his ear off and he was crazy.  This self portrait gave me a sense of anger and desperation when I looked into his eyes.  It gave me a very creepy, eerie feeling.  I can't say that I enjoyed it, but I definitely respected it.  I think he painted himself as he was.  There was no lying to himself when he created this.  

I hope you all enjoyed the museum with me.  If you live anywhere near Houston...go see this exhibit before it is gone.  It was an unforgettable experience and I have so many great ideas that need some refining.  It gave me a great creative surge that I need to gain control over and put to work.  I also need to get back to the museum and check out some of their permanent collection!!!

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