March 7, 2011

It's the last time...I swear!

After looking over the blog (and I know I just said that I wasn't going to change it) I discovered a flaw in my design.  The icons that I had were leaving out a large area of my creativity, POWER TOOLS!   Seriously, how could I forget that?  I love power tools.  So, I had to upgrade the design!

Old design.

New design.

Not a huge difference between the two.  I also realized I never went into why I chose each of the icons above.  I think they are self-explanatory, but this is what they represent to me.  I hope they also represent that to everyone else.

Arrow - Graphic design
Camera - Photography
Scissors - Sewing and paper crafts
Saw blade - Woodworking and powertools
Paintbrush - Art and painting

So, I think it is much better.  What do you think? 

I also updated my blog badge.  Check it out in the sidebar.


  1. I like it! Definitely makes me think of you. :) I was quite sick this weekend and have struggled to get a hold of my mom (who apparently was also sick), but she's coming this week so I'm going to talk to her. :) Wanted you to know I didn't forget. :) Given that I'm a forgetful person, I wouldn't put it past me...
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Hi Erin -- I like it! I can totally relate to tinkering with the design of your blog, and I have done it lots of times!


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