December 9, 2011

Timing Is Almost Everything

It also helps to have a little bit of a stalkerish tendency when dealing with wildlife photography.  Check out the awesome capture I got today while driving back into my neighborhood.

Heading home, I see this beautiful bird swoop over the top of my car and then pull up and land in the top of a pine tree about 30 feet tall.  I pulled the car over, hopped out and started shooting.  Then I pulled my car around for a better angle.  Pulled my car forward a little.  I must have gotten too close because he flew off...and I got an awesome shot. 

Timing, my stalking this awesome Red Tailed Hawk (I was corrected*), some serious luck and my developing skill is what I attribute to getting this.


  1. Looks like a Red-tailed Hawk to me at quick glance.

  2. Frame that one!


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