December 5, 2011

Upcycle: Make Your Own Curly Bows

I love curly bows.  I like them more than regular bows.  I had a genius idea hit me on how I can make some interesting curly bows.  Use magazines or catalogs!

I'm sure your mailbox is like mine and completely overflowing with holiday catalogs.  I took a few brightly colored pages out of the Brookstone that came.

I then cut strips, about 1/4" wide up the edge of the magazine, stopping about an inch from the edge.

Then, curl the strips like you would ribbon.  Do it lightly, if you pull too hard the strips will rip right off.

You will be left with a whole lot of curls.  I alternated which direction I curled them.

Take the uncurled edge and roll it up.

Press the rolled end, cut the sides about 1/2 inch up and fold the sides out.

Then tape it to your package.  It took less than 5 minutes to complete one curly bow (without taking photos).  

If you are looking for really vibrant, colorful pages for your upcycled curly bows, dig into those toy catalogs, if your kids haven't already.

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