January 9, 2012

I'm Painting Again!

While up in the woods of Vermont over Christmas I brought my new watercolor set (which by the way is totally awesome, thanks hunny) and a new journal of hand made paper that is perfect for watercolor.

I really love these small sets.  They are so portable.  I feel like I could take them just about anywhere.  They also make it through airport security!  Tube paint will not always make it through, because it's technically a liquid.

This is the new watercolor journal I bought myself as a gift for the trip.  Love the thickness of the paper.  I picked this up at Hobby Lobby.  Can't remember the brand because it's not written on the journal, but you can find it in the sketchbook section.  This one is 9.5x6.5 inches.

Here are two of the paintings I did while on vacation.  Both paintings are watercolor with ink overlay.  There is something about being totally disconnected that is inspiring to me.  Maybe it was the slow internet connection that kept me off of Pinterest and Facebook!

The painting above was inspired by a photo I took of a Common Buckeye butterfly.

The painting above was inspired by a photo I took of a Viceroy butterfly that was hanging out on some Queen Anne's Lace. 

Both paintings aren't perfect in my eyes, but after only picking up my watercolors less times than I can count on one hand last year, not a bad starting off point.  I was worried how well I would do tackling the Queen Anne's Lace, but that is my favorite part of the second painting.  I overworked the butterfly in my opinion, but we are our own worst/best critic! 

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