January 27, 2012

I've Been Vandalized!

I will be the first to admit, it was probably too quiet in my house and I should have investigated, but instead I was enjoying a quiet moment surfing Pinterest. 

Then, Maben (my 4 year old) came downstairs.
"Mommy, come see."  Waving me over.
"What do you want me to see?"
"Oh Mommy, come here."  This time extending his hand out and the sound of worry in his voice had me seriously worried.

I grabbed Maben's hand.  "Mommy, close your eyes."  He is crazy if he thought I was going to close my eyes while he lead me up the stairs.  We reached the top of the stairs and he points to my art room.
"In there."

I walk in and see a very proud Colton, with a giant smile on his face and a black marker in his hand.  He had just vandalized a painting I was working on.

"See!" proclaimed Colton...EVER SO PROUDLY! 
"I see baby."  I quietly die a little inside.  If anyone has lost a painting to a little vandal, you know the feeling.  "You aren't suppose to color on Mommy's stuff.  You color in your color books."
"See!  A bird!" 

My little artist was so proud as if it was he that did the entire thing himself.  I couldn't be mad, but my heart hurt and bursted with pride at the same time.  I was hurt that I had lost a painting, one that I was working very hard on.  It hurts to lose something creative that you pour your soul into.   I was also so proud that my little guy is showing the true marks of being an artist.  And it reminds me of how much fun we had doing this.

I guess we need to do another painting project together.  Maybe we will tackle using some brushes this time.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no!

    Wow, you are such a great artist...I am so impressed! I think I could paint circles that looked ok but probably not much more than that! :)


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