April 17, 2012

Photo 366 #16

This week was a struggle for me to take photos.  I have been dealing with horrible allergies, which have turned into a respiratory infection of some sort.  It has resulted in me barely sleeping and coughing a lot.  All of this has caused a serious lack of motivation to do anything, including taking photos.  I took photos every day, but not all of them are up to my standards.

April 10 - I always thought it was funny when people would tell me that monarchs would only feed on milkweed.  Proof that they don't.  I also accidentally stood in a pile of fire ants when taking this photo.  OUCH!

April 11 - I took the kids to Burger King because they wanted to play on their outdoor playground.  It was a nice day and I agreed.  This juvenile grackle was not pleased when I decided to take a photo of him.  He really looks like a very angry Don Rickles and it makes me giggle.

April 12 - I have slowly been incorporating butterfly attracting plants and flowers to my garden.  These pincushion flowers have attracted quite a few butterflies.  This photo was also taken with my wide angle lens (which means I was only about 12 inches away when I took this shot!!!!).

April 13 - The preschool had their Spring Fling Carnival and auction.  The kids had a blast.  I came back home with my bookcase! 

April 14 - Bright and early Saturday morning, hubby and I went to an advanced screening of the movie, The Avengers.  It was AWESOME!   When it hits theaters, you have to go see it.  Awesome balance of action and comedy.  I even won some hulk gloves at the screening.  Here is Maben testing them out and saying, "Hulk Smash!"

April 15 - More new flowers that have been added to my gardens.  These were planted around the base of one of the crepe myrtles.  They are very pretty and called, Cherry Brandy Gaura.

April 16 - We had some amazing thunderstorms early in the day, but by the time school let out, this was about the only puddle to play in.

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  1. I had to look up Don Rickles.
    Spot on. I'm excited for Avengers!


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