April 24, 2012

Photo 366 #17

This week has kicked my butt.  I've been sick, hubby has been sick and was out of town.  Steroids, steroids, antibiotics, more steroids and a cough suppressant has consumed my life.  Still not feeling close to 100%, but having kids keeps me alive and kicking and off the couch for most of the day.  So, we got out a lot for their sanity, not sure if it was the right decision, but I at least got a few great photos.

April 17 - The Texas flag blowing in the wind.

April 18 - A yellow-crowned night heron hanging in a tree.  The kids and I actually saw a pair of them.  One was hanging out with freshly hatched chicks on a nest.  The other one was flashing me a peace sign.

April 19 - I found a lady bug and decided to place it in the butterfly weed at Maben's school in hopes he would have a nice meal.  All those little yellow dots are bugs...ewww!

April 20 - I have quite a few blue jays that frequent my back yard and have been trying hard to get a photo of one.  They are very flighty and don't stick around long, which is disappointing because I think they are beautiful.

April 21 - The boys and I went for a walk after dinner at a new park that is still being built, but part of it is open.  There is a walking/jogging trail around a pond and this great blue heron was hanging out.  I can't believe I even got this photo.  I was shooting into a sunset with the light bouncing off the water and managed to get some detail in the heron.  Just awesome!  I love experimenting with my camera.

April 22 - My hydrangea is starting to bloom!  This is one of my favorite flowers. 

April 23 - This is my very snuggly dog, Animal.  He is definitely a lover and he totally thinks he is a lap dog.  He is far too big for that, but how do you tell those eyes no?

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