November 27, 2012

Photo 366 #48

It's officially the holiday season.  Thanksgiving was a wonderful time in our house.  The feast came out perfect and we are still enjoying the leftovers.  I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful for you too.  One of the most wonderful things that happened this week, fall came to Texas.  We actually have fall color, and I mean it's not just the leaves changing to brown.  There are shades of red and yellow.  So pretty!

November 20 - Another red admiral visited my American flag.  The way he landed and the composition worked out, it looks like a Texas flag...almost. 

November 21 - I was prepping all the food I could before hand.  That included a pumpkin cheesecake with a sour cream topping.  Here is the sour cream topping.  Yum! 

November 22 - Again, our feast.  Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23 - People watching?  These four Inca doves have been enjoying my bench lately.  They look so cute huddled together.

November 24 - We went to a birthday party at a local restaurant that has some farm animals on site.  Here are my boys with one of the ponies.

November 25 - My proof that fall color has come to South East Texas.

November 26 - My sleeping beauty.  Colton went hard all break and didn't want to nap.  It finally caught up to him.

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