December 4, 2012

Photo 366 #49

Welcome December!  Here comes the Christmas crunch of not enough time and too much to do.  I do love this time of year and some of the goodness you can be witness to.  I am excited, the kids are getting excited and I hope that excitement is buzzing in your home as well.

November 27 - This is Jeremy Grubb.  He is an amazing woodworker and came to speak at my woodworking guild about marquetry and showed off the latest project he is working on.  I learned an incredible amount about the topic and hope to try it in the near future.  If you want to see more of Jeremy, I highly recommend that you go check out his website.

November 28 - I photographed steam rising up off of my breakfast eggs.  I have never tried to photograph steam before. 

November 29 - Maben owning those monkey bars.  He can do the full run, 37 monkey bars! 

November 30 - I have been working like crazy on some Christmas presents.  Here is a batch of Christmas light stained glass ornaments.

December 1 - Breakfast with Santa.  It's Christmas time in Texas, as you can see by my kids donning shorts.  Santa must have been dying in that suit.  Poor guy.

December 2 - My bib from the Graffiti run.  What a blast that was.  Pictures to come.

December 3 - I spotted these leaves laying just as they are on the sidewalk.  I found it absolutely beautiful to see a heart shaped leaf laying so perfectly in the center of such a beautiful yellow colored leaf.  Nature is so incredibly beautiful if you just stop to admire it.

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